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Live Chat2 log(ログ)

またまた、Live chatで分からないことを質問してみました。

IB: Hello, this is IB. How may I help you?
Me: hi
Me: Is it possible to purchase futures, stocks and ETFs without subscribing market data.
IB: yes
Me: If we subscribe United States Market data, and I don't trade anything for one month. Do I need to pay both $10 for United States Market data and $10 for inactivity fee?
IB: No you would pay one or the other, not both
Me: I want to trade ETFs Which market date Should I subscribe.
IB: US Securities and Commodities Bundle Non-professional - Level I USD 10.0 Waived if monthly commissions > $30
Me: is this United States Market data?
IB: yes
Me: I want to trade various index futures such as Nasdaq, Nikkei, Hongkon and Dow. Which market date Should I subscribe?
IB: you would need to subscribe to each foreign market center for the data that you wish
IB: this is an ala carte type of feature
Me: I am sorry, I don't understand ala carte means
IB: you would sign up for each market center separately
IB: you can find out which products trade on which exchanges and then subscribe to that data feed
Me: ok. like Nikkei for Tokyo, Dow for U.S.A
IB: yes
IB: correct
Me: I could not understand your forex commission fee. Can you explain?
IB: you will pay the lesser of either:
IB: 1. $2.50 per trade
IB: or
IB: 2. for ideal, .0001 times trade value, for ideal pro, .00002 times trade value
Me: how about pips?
Me: like USD/JPY for 3pips
Me: EUR/USD for 4pips
IB: if the USD is the second currency listed, it will always be $10 for every 100,000 units
IB: however,
IB: if the USD is listed first, it is a variable formula
Me: um difficult. which is the default type 1 or 2.
IB: again, depends on which currency is listed first and which currency is listed second
Me: ok. if I buy 10,000 units of USD by JPY. how much does it cost?
IB: Please let me transfer this chat to our trade problems group. They will be able to assist you further.
ChatSys: Transferring ChatSession from 'General ' to 'Trade Problems'
Me: thank you.
ChatSys: IB has joined the chat.
IB: Hello, this is IB. How can I assist you?
IB: http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/accounts/fees/commission.php?ib_entity=llc
Me: I want to know about forex commission.
IB: Here is the link
IB: http://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/accounts/fees/commissionForex.php?ib_entity=llc
Me: yes, I checked it. but i could not understand.
IB: Per order $2.50 or base currency
Me: i am trading in GFT
Me: we pay pips
Me: like USD/JPY for 3pips EUR/USD for 4pips
IB: I'm not sure abut the pips
IB: the commissions are in currency
IB: not pips
Me: ok, please give me expample.
Me: so there is no spread?
IB: the trade you mentioned will cost 2.50 USD
IB: simple
IB: in commissions
Me: there is no bid and ask?
IB: yes but that is not commission? have you looked at the ideal and ideal pro on the TWS ?
Me: no I have't transfer my fund yet.
IB: Ok you may want to open the demo
Me: I haven't subscribe USA marcket data.
Me: ok.
IB: which is located on the homepage
IB: you can do test trades from there
Me: ok. i will try. if i dont understand. then ask again. thank you.
IB: Welcome Please feel free to return to chat if there are any additional questions.

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